Landru Releases

Stratum. Landru, 2023

Style: Ambient

Stratum represents another dark ambient incursion by Landru. Cinematic pads and atmospheric background drones blended with organic elements such as field recordings, give this new Landru’s musical project a special dimension full of rich textures . With Stratum, Landru ends the so called “greymood” tetralogy initiated with Boira and followed by Unda and Vacuum.

Vacuum. Landru, 2021

Style: Ambient

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Vacuum, the latest Landru’s release, composed during the COVID 19 pandemic crisis, consists of a single experimental track featuring hypnotic and evolving synthesized pads surrounded by processed ambient and field recordings that serve as a base for an organic approach that enlarges this new ambient landscape created by Landru. All the production, design, printing and packaging are handcrafted by Landru.

Unda. Landru, 2019

Style: Ambient

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Unda, the latest Landru’s release, features evolving and minimalistic synthesized drone pads accompanied with background atmospheres based on field recordings that capture the essence of water. Consisting of 7 tracks, Unda explores some relaxing landscapes going through vibrating organic textures full of positive and recharging energies from one of the very basic naturals elements in nature: water (Unda: latin, Water).

Boira. Landru, 2016

Style: Ambient

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Boria (fog in Catalan language), the latest release by Landru is inspired in the mist and mystic essence of the Catalan forests during the autumn sunrises. This new project consist of 7 new tracks that invite the listener to a calm and relaxing journey through minimalists and evolving sonic landscapes driven by synthesized textures and organical instruments that embellish the field recordings that serve as a background ambience in some of the tracks presents in this album.

Rust. Landru, 2015

Style: Ambient, Experimental

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Rust consists of three previously unpublished tracks based on minimal evolving cinematic pads. Simplicity is the main nexus of this album as all pads were recorded lively using just a couple of digital synthesizers and sonic backgrounds based on field recordings. All music were composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Landru at Talus IV Studio, Madrid, during 2006-2007 and Atavachron Studio, Barcelona, during 2012. The album has been mastered in Atavachron Studios during 2012. Pictures, layout and cover art are also provided by Landru.

Facets. Landru, 2013

Style: Chillout, Lounge

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Facets is the new Chillout | Lounge double CD album released by Landru. With Facets, Landru shows his most intimate and serene side. It is definitely a delicate work, characterized by the coexistence of instruments, percussions and melodies from different cultures all around the world. Facets consists of one CD including 15 new unreleased tracks and a second CD with remixed versions of the original tracks made by the most representative ambient and chillout artists from Spain.

Scotoma. Landru, 2013

Style: Ambient

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Scotoma is without any doubt, the darkest ambient album released by Landru so far. Scotoma is full of intriguing noises and background drones capable of creating an enigmatic and invisible atmosphere that surrounds the listener from the very beginning as an intense and dense fog that remains present throughout the whole album. During this journey to the dark side of the vision, you may also find some groovy percussions and rhythmical patterns which add some light into this otherwise impassable landscapes.

Fimbria. Landru, 2012

Style: Ambient

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With Fimbria the latest ambient release by Landru, the artists represents the fragile equilibrium between the most intriguing and dark sequences and the sublime light coming from cinematic pads arising from background subterranean drones. Fimbria is filled with organic sounds varying from aquatic noises to dark aerial pads, from geomorphic rhythms to calm and silent landscapes.

Neurotransmitters. Landru, 2011

Style: Ambient

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Neurotransmitters is the first ambient album published by Landru. This highly conceptual project is based on the endogenous chemical compounds that are released from a nerve cell which are capable of transmitting neurologic information from one cell to another. Neurotransmitters contains 10 different ambient tracks inspired in ten different neurotransmitters.

Exobiology. Landru, 2007

Style: Electronic, Chillout, Dance, Big Beat

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Exobiology is the first published work by Landru which was released in 2007. It represents the consolidation of a musical project developed during more than a decade based on electronic landscapes, ethnic voices and vibrating grooves. Among the 12 included tracks, you may find all kind of electronic compositions, from Big Beat to Dance and Chillout themes.